Setup Wars Episode 243 - Clean and Minimal Edition


  1. Tredenix


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    Well naturally you'd get a clean setup from a guy named Dustin!

  2. Korrjo


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    1:22 Man your dedication for your phone's name lmao

  3. Bharat R

    Bharat R

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    Dustin is a cleanliness freak!! Coz he's always Dustin(g).

  4. Pickled cubing

    Pickled cubing

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    Idk y but I prefer simple setups more the 16 monitors a grb

  5. UnitySharp7188


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    Arkansas gang were yall at!

  6. Zage ザッジ

    Zage ザッジ

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    Not gonna lie this Setup Wars, really got me motivated.

  7. Xamdios


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  8. Mehrab Khan

    Mehrab Khan

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  9. AlonePoem 348

    AlonePoem 348

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    Dustin gang✊✊

  10. AtomicFangs


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    what the fuck bro the ryzen wallpaper is the best thing about the setup I cant use it bc im intel

  11. Zoid Trippin

    Zoid Trippin

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    Where is the download link? 1:25

  12. Jojo Begrenzer

    Jojo Begrenzer

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    5:15 When you can't see any cable or any bracket then you've done everything correct

  13. Jesxixa


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    as an irish girl u pronounced the first name wrong its not a silent c lol

  14. TMR Rostlund

    TMR Rostlund

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    Whats the name of the circle speakers with rgb at the back

  15. Progrsm


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    ciiiiran lmao

  16. Walker Edwards

    Walker Edwards

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    man dustin even custom painted his cat. thats dedication!

  17. Itsmario2023


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  18. Darkrift


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    Between the code you gave and the discount code when I made an account for urcdkey windows home came out to $13

  19. Alfie Beverley

    Alfie Beverley

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    anyone else watch these videos just wishing one day you’ll have a set up, never mind a clean and minimal one

  20. Gerry Tweedie

    Gerry Tweedie

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    Ciaran is usually pronounced Keer-an :)

  21. OG Seapig

    OG Seapig

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    Ciaran = Kee rawn not C rin. Lol this was hilarious for me as I’m Irish

  22. OG Seapig

    OG Seapig

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    Ciaran = Kee rawn not C rin. Lol this was hilarious for me as I’m Irish

  23. Harshit Chaturvedi

    Harshit Chaturvedi

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    All that white colour in my indian house ,turns colourful when my child enters the room

  24. Young_Pingu


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    i feel bad for jakov

  25. tec sat

    tec sat

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  26. //Noah //

    //Noah //

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    3:09 I love his mousepad😩😍🥰🥰😂

  27. John Bencich

    John Bencich

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    i play on crome book

  28. sudhanshu pandey

    sudhanshu pandey

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    I thought that Dustin's monitor was wireless Like if you to thought the same . respect for each an every farmer in the whole world

  29. Egyptian Sphinxs

    Egyptian Sphinxs

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    even the cat

  30. Qiaoxuan Ji

    Qiaoxuan Ji

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    Are these cheap Windows keys legit?

  31. Tykez


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    Hey Ed, (or Dustin if you see this) do you think you could link the wall mounts used in Dustin's setup please? Thanks 😊

  32. G Man

    G Man

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    The farmers personality was the Xbox controller😂 he has a controller with no Xbox 🤨

  33. MJcat


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    dustin is sooooo clean

  34. ツPlazm


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    Do you know where to get that lightning bolt on ciarans setup

  35. Dogface


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    i didnt know cable manegement could be porn wtf

  36. Happy While

    Happy While

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    Wow, guy painted his cat as well! What a crazy dude

  37. Gustav Jensen

    Gustav Jensen

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    Finally i find somebody from Denmark

  38. bbq frog

    bbq frog

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    a would recommend getting a colour schemed cat to make your setup more flashy

  39. Christoffer Pawlas

    Christoffer Pawlas

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    Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Danmark

  40. Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

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    4:28 oh my god the gpu sag is killing my ocd

  41. Maaz Bin Zaheer

    Maaz Bin Zaheer

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    4:06 he got so consistant that he painted her cat white as well 🤣🤣😅

  42. Ceejay Villarico

    Ceejay Villarico

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    A farmer playing farmer simulator, he really love's farming I bet

  43. Kaushiik V

    Kaushiik V

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    4:56 holy shit there's nothin there

  44. BirboTheGreat


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    Cleaning up your big daddy 😂

  45. Firescope 1

    Firescope 1

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    I thought it was only me

  46. Muhd. Aiman Nurfirdaus

    Muhd. Aiman Nurfirdaus

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    Nice content.Done subscribe from Malaysia🤩🤩🤩

  47. Faith in Christ

    Faith in Christ

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    Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8 WEB

  48. Max._. Mtb

    Max._. Mtb

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    Can you do a Laptop EDITION pls I woud love it! :D

  49. Vinod Antony

    Vinod Antony

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    4:05 he even painted his cat to match the colour scheme.. true dedication righ there!

  50. Dyils


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    8:00 RK61's keycaps are awesome (except the grey ones), anyone know where I can get similar keycaps?

  51. Top X

    Top X

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    Why the gaming rooms are so packed !! How you breath bro !?

  52. qlaps


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    Someone's name is really Jakov

  53. Emir Amin

    Emir Amin

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    he painted his cat?

  54. K1ng Dav1d

    K1ng Dav1d

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    Mouse pad ?

  55. Bean Saney

    Bean Saney

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    video starts 1:31

  56. Scrails


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  57. Scrails


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    Farming simulator gang

  58. Neuth


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    holy fucking shit man, I’m chillin in my bathroom and some scary ass ad pops up almost just shit myself

  59. Samir SI

    Samir SI

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  60. Adam Jones

    Adam Jones

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    Gt1060? That was an RX580.

  61. ImFunes


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    "MobileTrans" Iphone: I wanna be a Samsung.

  62. scrambled eggs

    scrambled eggs

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  63. M7_MD 10

    M7_MD 10

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    When u see a cat that matches the setup u can know that he’s a real gamer

  64. GNRL66Kenobi


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    My guys name is jackoff

  65. D36K


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  66. Dirt Pool

    Dirt Pool

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    i like th3 simplicity of the white set up

  67. FinnAziz


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    my bday was the day before you filmed this the 25th

  68. Riley Kraken

    Riley Kraken

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    Hi im trying to find a setup under £1000

  69. John


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    Dustin's setup looked so clean because he did not have any mouse pad :3

  70. -Nate-


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    I died when he said jackoff

  71. Ben freed

    Ben freed

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    Ed: cuz you know what time it is Me: *looks at clock* yes, yes I do

  72. relaptop


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    I have a Lenovo laptop as my setup wishing for a cool setup when I watch potato setup episodes grateful for not having Daniels setup from a storage room

  73. Liam


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    This is what inspired me to get a pc

  74. Jr plays  Fortnite

    Jr plays Fortnite

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    I wish I can get a gaming pc but I can’t but love your vid

  75. BANC


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    give setup

  76. MitchR211


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    When I see Dustin's setup I think about an Xbox series S. What bout u??

  77. Phooey


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    minimalists be like: it aint much but its mine *shows jail cell*

  78. Jonathan Seidelin

    Jonathan Seidelin

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    I think the first one was the best

  79. Hezion Barnes

    Hezion Barnes

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    He is so clean with white and black

  80. ikkuranus


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    Is that laptop on the last setup even able to breathe given that most intake through the bottom and exhaust out the back?

  81. Victor Lui

    Victor Lui

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    This is suspect.

  82. Vex


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    did anyboday see his apple name edit thanks for the likes

  83. universalxeno


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    See-eeran it’s KEERAN

  84. Pizarrik


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    ah after a long day of farming do i sure love playin that farming simulator

  85. Jack Scullane

    Jack Scullane

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    Its pronounced Kieran not c-rin :]

  86. Callum Matthews

    Callum Matthews

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    Ciarans name; Key-ran Ed; Sea-ren

  87. TheQzzyollie


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    so the guy farms all day finally gets a moment to rest and sticks on farming simulator, wow just wow

  88. Athena


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    3:09 ok this might be a dumb question but: HOW DID THIS DUSTIN DUDE REMOVE THE KEYBOARD CABLE? i thought the wire wasnt removable.

  89. Luka Doncic

    Luka Doncic

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  90. Sawyer Bot

    Sawyer Bot

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    I tried to make a nice setup once. Once.

  91. TGJ EPIC


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    how to tell if some one is a single child

  92. fabio buzzo

    fabio buzzo

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    bro, that second one is dope

  93. Lite


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    Definitely deserves a seal of approval clean af🥇

  94. OTT Assassin

    OTT Assassin

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    You said the first name wrong the C is pronounced like a normal c

  95. mr_deadshot120


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    BTW, it's pronounced kea-ron, not see ran, just sayin

  96. Mr Ubabqa

    Mr Ubabqa

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    Damn These guys are lucky asf if I had a setup sadly don’t my wire management is shot

  97. Dusky


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    Arkansas homie :o

  98. Ste Reo

    Ste Reo

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    **looks at my laptop with hair ties and tools all over my table**

  99. Sumeet Gill

    Sumeet Gill

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    The video is exceptionally good, but voice is low

  100. Alpha Gamer H

    Alpha Gamer H

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    Great video, just subscribed to your channel. I am still in the process of getting my setup completed have posted a few videos on my channel detailing some of the upgrades