Reacting to popular Youtubers Setups - MontanaBlack & Courage

Reacting to popular ILcyclers setups featuring MontanaBlack and Jack 'Courage' Dunlop!
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  1. CallMePerky


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    Here's your translations: 2:55 - .. my housetour which is, obviously, going to happen in the basement. Without much talking, Leon, let's head downstairs. Here the walls got painted black.. [skip] A Rolex clock my homie Knossi (other german streamer) gave to me... [skip] Well besides that, what we have here, and not everyone will like it, is a lot of graffiti made by the artists Don(?) and Frost. GetOnMyLvl (his brand) and Gamers Only, my partner for long time performance drinks. As you know.. [skip] I'd say, let's not spend more time talking, wanna see it? Then get in here, 3, 2, 1 Go. 4:55 - Either you like it, or you don't 5:23 - It feels everything but uncomfortable when you're here, right? - It feels comfortable, but it's a feeling like I was... 5:36 - Fridge area. The Gamers Only area. [skip] Yeah, my performance drinks, ready for me at any time. Fridge with integrated logo. You can't begin to imagine what a fridge like that.. [skip] 6:13 - Here we have, as we have in many other areas, LEDs [skip] put into the floor. Let me sit down and have a quick realtalk. Damn bro, I'm not used to recording for that long anymore, Kappa. [skip] From this room, have a look. That's only from down here, bro. This room only! It's crazy man. 7:16 - Here we have an LED floor [inaudible] ...floor for discos. The problem was, when it arrived, that the LEDs changed color with every step you took. An insane camera from Marshall which has an incredible zoom function. Such a great quality. Then of course, we have, what might be easily overlooked.. [skip] 7:57 - And every piece you see here was individually made, put into place, filled in.. Just this wall alone was so much work. Then up here we have the infinity ceiling. Leon, take a seat and film upwards, man. I don't know if you will be able to see it on camera. This is the infinity ceiling. 8:52 - emotional area, because here are all my VGAs - my games. If you don't know what VGA is: VGA means Video Game Autiriti (see video to understand), which means that VGA is a company that rates the condition etc. of games and gives them a rating. If they have a high rating they are more valuable than games with a lower rating. Just as an example, this is an original, still sealed GameBoy from 1989 with a rating of 90. I bought it back then for 5000€ [skip] 10:01 - My sea water aquarium. 1500 liters. Fishwise, there's a lot missing, but considering Corona, pet-shop owners also have their difficulties. Here's my parrotfish, one of the highlights in my aquarium. [skip] And hey, it's a 1500 liter aquarium. So so beautiful, and here are my brothers, the dwarf hawkfishes. I don't know where the other one is at the moment. 11:08 - Pretty unprofessional, the PlayStation isn't... This is AHHHH Leon, do you know how good it feels right now to... My gaming area, well, yes, everything was aligned so the aquarium is visible in the background when the camera is pointed at me. It's new tech, so sometimes we get some flickering... 11:48 - Well yes, also with built-in LEDs. Here, for example, for the viewers, I have a camera inside the aquarium. I have a camera here, exactly above you there's another Marshall cam - the same one we had back there - and I also bought another one. So camera wise, I want to install a few more. 12:50 - Super, super super super beautiful PC from my partner Mifcom. Such a beautiful thing. Be honest, it's sexy, isn't it? My old one is upstairs, correct. With built-in PS4, but I will get an upgraded one with built-in PS5. That means in that space here, there's a PS4 built into the case.

    • Chibude 4

      Chibude 4

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    • sean_millar


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      respect exactly how long did it take for you to do this bro ??

    • YoshiPlayz


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      I hope you and your family become very wealthy thanks for this!

    • Klaeys YT

      Klaeys YT

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      Ich würde mal sagen zeit ist geld

    • Brandon Chavous

      Brandon Chavous

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      Hey guys my names perky am cracked at translating let’s go

  2. Oink


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    These rooms dont look very healthy for your eyes…

  3. Nellzbtw


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    1 stream deck is for the gaming PC and the 2nd is for the streaming

  4. CancerFaggot43


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    als ob die auf monte reagieren

  5. töffelpöff


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    Its so sad that you can only rate what you see and not what hes talking

  6. XEn Meca

    XEn Meca

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    React to Fresh’ s setup pls

  7. RestInBorritos


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    btw techsource i am also german and btw these cams have an ultra zoom mode and are extremely high quality once cost round about 4.8k

  8. Kennedy


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    Montana’s setup is dope af but all I can think is I hope he’s planning on staying in that house for at least 15 years because it would be a huge pain trying to take all the down in a few years to move lol

  9. Suffer


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    his pc has is a custom build which has an Ps4 built in. he´s gonna get a new one with an ps5 built in tho.

  10. The live is only Good

    The live is only Good

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    In the next time when you write German ILcycler Streamer Setup you net an translator

  11. Claps Fn

    Claps Fn

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    Can you please react to nick eh 30 setup

  12. SKULL


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    Can you do ninja setup

  13. Santiago Becerra

    Santiago Becerra

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    U should do symfunny

  14. Wyrith


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    aber nicht vergessen die Ps4 is in der Playstation verbaut!

  15. Ethan Bridglal

    Ethan Bridglal

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    Seizures Much? 😁 Jk, awesome setups.

  16. Eli Ali

    Eli Ali

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    this is no where near good as nickmercs

  17. Patrick Hr

    Patrick Hr

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    He wasn’t wrong when he said it is mind blowing

  18. Christopher Richardson

    Christopher Richardson

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    Hey, you should react to asmongolds setup next

  19. Drzy


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    @TechSource The setup you see from Montanablack costs 200,000 to 250,000 euros. He talks on the shelf about the company that evaluates the games and the old Gameboy has cost 5000 euros. The white cameras on the ceiling together cost about 50,000 euros

  20. Jared Vm

    Jared Vm

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    Can you react to nick eh 30

  21. Atakan Turan

    Atakan Turan

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    13:26 u know hes saying he has a ps4 build in the pc but hes getting a new one with a ps5 build in

  22. Atakan Turan

    Atakan Turan

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    9:20 i can explain their games that are very very rare he also said he gave to like people to go ask are these games still worth money? and the answer is on the shelv :}

  23. Deschampie


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    Isn't there like 0 sugar in g fuel lol

  24. Benoit Boisvert élève

    Benoit Boisvert élève

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    Do symfuhny gaming setup

  25. Lost zoko

    Lost zoko

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    He have a Ps4 in his Pc

  26. Der Robuste

    Der Robuste

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  27. Pannkuchen


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    the closet with the wires are all the transformers for the low voltage leds and at the game collection wall he tells that they are all rated how rare and how good condition they have

  28. Zexzu


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    18:16 I’m dead 😭

  29. Maxx Navarrette

    Maxx Navarrette

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    I’m assuming no one saw the condoms as a daily use thing lol

  30. Deuslot


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    Ed and his condoms

  31. Fietje Zwicker

    Fietje Zwicker

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    He btw said that the game boy costs 5000 euro

  32. Letters and Papers

    Letters and Papers

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    The gaming wall is basically all of his collectables of games which happen to be..EXPENSIVE. Which is also why theyre kept in these large plastic cases to prevent residue and dust particles from ruining it but also for show, which he later might sell since theyre going up in prices.

  33. Alex Pearson

    Alex Pearson

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    You did CouRage and NickMerks. Might as well check out TimTheTatman. _eljayem would be a neat one to check out since he is so helpful with new streamers

  34. Matt Angelo

    Matt Angelo

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    A lot of streaming setups, I feel like we can’t expect them to be crisp, wire free, and camera ready, because they are more meant for productivity and getting content out, rather than off camera gaming, since u don’t actually see them unless the streamer does a setup tour

  35. Sharon Much

    Sharon Much

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    This games in the Wall Is from old n 64 game game boy

  36. Nimble


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    lmao... gfuel has 0 grams of sugar whilst most put a ton of sugar in their cool-aid

  37. Lisa


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    i dont know if you caught it but MontanaBlack has a built in PS4 in his pc, and soon it'll be a PS5!

  38. Jeffry


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    If that's an alpha male physique then bodybuilders must have adolescent physiques 🤣 (courage's tour part)

  39. Arvey


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    Hey, check out the Lan Party Studio from german youtuber/streamer Trymacs. Its insane!

  40. Maxid


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    On 13:01 is he talking about that his PS4 was build inside his gaming pc. (He has a gaming pc with a PS4)

  41. Maxid


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    And the blatant thing is that his gaming room costs more than 200k! 😲

  42. Leen


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    watch android basha setup for 2021

  43. soavpy


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    You should check out astelic's setup, she does Minecraft videos

  44. Vito Dragija

    Vito Dragija

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    React to mudja

  45. Spectre


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    2:29 I thought someone was controlling my pc bruh.

  46. 愛愛Naruto


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    On the wall shelf on the right he has vga‘s from all ganes that he played in his young years and bought them in 90-99 ratings for 2-10K € for each piece

  47. SKclapzz1287


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    I bet nobody noticed Courage's face on the Golden Plaque pause at 17:43



    10 ימים לפני

    Gfuel is sugar free just 300 mlg of caffeine

  49. Teddy_Shinobi


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    00:50 I like it

    • Teddy_Shinobi


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      23:23 Loopdeck

  50. SethLee


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    Hey Techsource, if you are planning on doing another video of reacting to streamers setup, a recommendation from me is NickEh30

  51. Luckyduck295


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    He put condoms in the constrainer add-on😂😂 1:21

    • Luckyduck295


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  52. Shelby Woods

    Shelby Woods

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    A lot of people don’t understand when you are a big streamer and don’t have much time on your hands. They don’t worry about cable management or how messy your desk is. But that’s just my opinion. I know people have different ones. That’s just how I feel and understand. My cable management is awful but I don’t have time to fix it 🙁

  53. S 2 5

    S 2 5

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    do ninja next

  54. fifahelten 06

    fifahelten 06

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    You should react to Stian Blipp

  55. Akimbo


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    17:10 he doesn’t mess up his words because he was a caster for the competitive call of duty scene

  56. Severen Pum

    Severen Pum

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    His pc has a ps4 inside of it

  57. Lambchop 1015

    Lambchop 1015

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    stop roasting prebuilts we get it you can build a pc, not everyone has that luxury let alone the time.....when you stream 60+ hours a week on top of filming for his org dumb shit like building his pc isnt scratching the to do list, also he plays with a controller so no real need for mouse pad.....also smaller stream deck is to control the rooms lights and smart home function and 2nd is for stream

  58. Vaspy Cam

    Vaspy Cam

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    React to ninjas stream room

  59. Diamond43Gaming


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    You NEED to check out FaZe Flea's setup!

  60. D7MI11


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    tbh my desktop setup looks way better than courage

  61. Bloomare


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    You should do Nick Eh 30 if Im correct he just recently uploaded a gaming set up tour

  62. Henis


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    if you are doing more of this, u have to check out Nich eh 30 setup!! its so nice

  63. Sceptix


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    In his pc is a ps5 its really cool^^

  64. John Cronin

    John Cronin

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    do nick eh 30

  65. John Cronin

    John Cronin

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    Do @NickEH30

  66. Anthony Monios

    Anthony Monios

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    I just decided to watch this and the way his jaw opened

  67. NaDennIsGut


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    He has a PS4 built into his PC?? 😮

  68. BENTGA


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    I think he should react to septic 😂😂😝

  69. Frederik Matthisson

    Frederik Matthisson

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    Please react to Nick Eh 30's stream Room

  70. Hype


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    Can you please do NickEh30

  71. jupamoers


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    You could activate the captions for MontanaBlack^^

  72. KnacX 999

    KnacX 999

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    You should do nick eh 30

  73. Kuma


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    just the rgb in montanablacks setup is my whole yearly electrical bill

  74. ☯︎︎𝑇𝑟𝑒𝑥𝑦☯︎︎


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    Youst a tip try do one on ninjas next

  75. Beau Burk

    Beau Burk

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    react to faze apex's gaming room

  76. 2gud 4u

    2gud 4u

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    U need to react to symfuhnys most recent setup tour it came out like a few hours ago

  77. crax


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    did he just put a pack of condums in there lol

  78. Jake Daynes

    Jake Daynes

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    react to faze flea you will love!

  79. anthony putnam

    anthony putnam

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    Ed, can you recommend a good desk for my setup.

  80. GameBoy


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    He also build his PS4 in his customized PC, that's sick!

  81. Andy Madera

    Andy Madera

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    robber ( forget the setup take the clock !) XD



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    Plz react to unbox therapy setup

  83. Przemek Sz

    Przemek Sz

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    cables cables cables in my setup you have to search for cables get on your knees under the desk an really look and what about sound gaming on headsets only jesus i have a theater system connected to pc with dolby atmos and tower speakers

  84. Przemek Sz

    Przemek Sz

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    check out ziemniak studio youtube 2020

  85. Checkered Candle

    Checkered Candle

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    CouRage looks like he brushes his teeth twice a week

    • Emily Schmitz

      Emily Schmitz

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      Or just smokes a pack of cigs everytime he brushes them

  86. matto


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    Montanablack is the most normal non cringy person personality wise out of any of the streamers previous, but looks the most extravagant lol

  87. mtb_rider_2006


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    Just that you know... He got a PS4 in his PC!

  88. BestFails


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    His Pc has a Playstation 4 built in

  89. BestFails


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    He didnt have the fish in this time becouse it was really new and because of corona

  90. Lim Koin Keong

    Lim Koin Keong

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  91. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer

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    looks good until you see the power bill

  92. ONI


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    this guy should name his channel :CABALE MANAGMENT REVIEW

  93. Seylle


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    Should react to ninjas

  94. Chase023


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    Just to comment... great channel...I think you are mistaking Soundproofing with Acoustic management of the room using absorption and diffusion and the like.

  95. ryan


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    Last dude is fake as hell

  96. Booped_ _

    Booped_ _

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    Another German streamer/ILcycler would be 'BastiGHG'

  97. Jose Trevino

    Jose Trevino

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    So what if his setup was messy!! He obviously doesn't need to be "neat" !!!

  98. CÆpØN


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    Xqc next

  99. Txzy


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    nice condoms on the basket

  100. Jubbs


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    At 1:22 I'm pretty sure that orange key is a McLaren key. That's legit.

    • Y ur reading my name?

      Y ur reading my name?

      24 ימים לפני