Setup Wars Episode 244 - Laptop Edition

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Desk: Black Amazon Desk
Chair: Herman Miller Aeron
Monitors: Hp 25f 75hz monitor
Keyboard: anne pro 2
Mouse: gorious model o
Mousepad: glorious 3xl extended
Speakers: jbl charge 2
Headphones: Sony wh900n
Microphone: Fifine k669b
Monitors Dell P2312H | Dell P2419H |
Keyboard: Scorpion K616
Mouse: Hama MW-500
Mousepad: Hama Slogans
Speakers: LOGITECH Z200
Headphones: Sony MDR-ZX600
Desk: IKEA malm
Chair: Autonomous Myochair
Monitors: HP EliteDisplay E231 23 Inch
Monitor Mount: BONTEC Monitor Arm Mount
Keyboard: Royal kludge (RK) 61
Mouse: Victsing wireless mouse
Desk IKEA Linmon | IKEA Eket |
Chair: SRacer White Gaming Chair
Monitors AOC C24G1 24" 144Hz Curved Frameless | Acer R240 23.8" 60Hz | Razer Blade 15 144Hz laptop screen |
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Elite
Desk: IKEA linnmon
Chair: IntimaTe WM gaming Chair
Monitors: MSI Optix G27C4 1080p 165Hz
Monitor Mount: Ergosolid NB F160
Keyboard: Drevo Blademaster TE cherry MX silver
Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero
Mousepad: Glorious Race Stealth XL
Speakers: LG hi-fi system
Headphones: Steelseries Arctis 3
Microphone: Behringer Ultravoice XM5800
DAC/AMP: Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 Audio Interface
➡️Jon Salvini⬅️
Desk: Ikea Linnmon
Chair: Hon Co 2091GR
Monitors: Monitor: Dell 24” E2414H | JVC 32” 720p
Monitor Mount: USX MOUNT Tilt TV Wall Mount Low Profile
Keyboard: Durgod K310 Taurus Nebula
Mouse: Corsair Harpoon RGB
Mousepad: Aukey Scorion XXL
Speakers: TaoTronics RGB Soundbar
Mouse: Razer Atheris (planning on upgrading to a MX Masters)
Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys
Midi Keyboard: Arturia Keylab 49 Essential (recommendation to all music makers)
Display: Razer Blade Display 144hz
Speaker: Tannoy Reveal 802
Desk: Mex Schreibtisch 160x80cm
Monitors BenQ XL2411 FHD 144 Hz TN (Main) | BenQ GW2470 FHD 60 Hz TN (Work) |
Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB (Red Switches)
Mouse: Logitech G403 (My Corsair Ironclaw RGB died 2 days ago.. rip)
2nd Mouse: Rapoo M300 Wireless
Mousepad: Logitech G640
Mousebunge: hoco USB Bungee
Headset: HyperX Cloud II
Headphones: Bose Quiet Comfort II


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    Download Opera GX for free here:

    • Jaime Cumplido

      Jaime Cumplido

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      :::Can´t live w/o Opera Gx!

    • Victor Jose Alvarez Hane

      Victor Jose Alvarez Hane

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      Hey Ed, could you please do a review of the hp omen 15 with the ryzen 5 and the rtx 3060. Is going for just 1,200 and i think it’s a great deal. I’m interested to see if i can play warzone at least at 120hz on it

    • LiamProductions


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    • Kody Leon

      Kody Leon

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      @Jakob Caiden yup, I have been using Kaldrostream for since november myself :)

    • Jakob Caiden

      Jakob Caiden

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      A tip: you can watch series at kaldroStream. Me and my gf have been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

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    Will try that Opera GX. Thanks

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    watch what now

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    Ooh a squiddy

  5. Francesco Marchignoli

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    6:10 forza italiaa

  6. Checky


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    My Setup: Basic School Laptop (from 2011) Basic Mouse (i think a Logitech Office Mouse?) Basic Earphones (some cheap Samsung ones) Razer Mousepad

  7. Rifle Dragon

    Rifle Dragon

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    Gavins down bad.

  8. Andrew Rosekrans

    Andrew Rosekrans

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    5:15 like wat😐, well it is his setup and I guess he likes anime so he did a good purchase on anime key caps lol

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    10:41 what the fu😂😂

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    5:14 I see he's a cultured man aswell

  12. Slavic _Slav

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    8:49 it says GTX 2060

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    This vid was mad sus

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    hell yeah gavin

  15. D-ManGamer19


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    I am building a laptop setup in my new house this will help me to build it thank you Edgar for putting out content like this to help me and others to improve and build setups!

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    did he just say por-

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    lars setup was awesome

  18. Meriç Tuna

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    Guys I m looking for wallpaper at 5:00. Does anyone can find it

  19. Henry Pablo matias

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    whats the wallapers name on gavins setup??

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    8:50 gtx 2060 lol

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    Keep doing laptop and console setup. Because nowadays build a pc is so expensive.

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    8:48 thats new "gtx 2060" i thought it was RTX 2060 lamo

  23. DoodleVerse


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    i realized rn that gavin's monster cans are shaped in a way to look like a sniper kept

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    Doar retardatii se uita la anime

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    8:47 gtx 2060??? LOL

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    6:35 ayoooooo

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    My guy loves pencils drawers

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    can't open ur link. i want to brag my set up too.😍😍😍

  30. Korrjo


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    Finn's set up is exactly what im planning on doing 3:51

    • Jaidev Tube

      Jaidev Tube

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      Yeah it looks really good

  31. Lite


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    Guys what laptop is ed using here

  32. Kristin Burgess

    Kristin Burgess

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    Jepi’s cable management is a true inspiration.

  33. WeavementSesestea


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    5:19 Cultured

  34. psycho_bat. official

    psycho_bat. official

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    I swear these guys potato setups are my dream

  35. Twigo


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    I downloaded opera gx and never opened Google Chrome again 😂

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    GTX 2060 LOL 8:49

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    How to send you a setup images

  38. Aoki Hagane

    Aoki Hagane

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    That feeling when Lars' setup was dunked on... I feel like I'd be obliterated if I showed my setup here lol XD

  39. Kaden Hawley

    Kaden Hawley

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    gavin wallpaper thought i tried to find it but i cant

  40. oreokuchen


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    8:51 boy is rocking the gtx 2060

  41. rhett meyer

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    look at 10:41 till 10:43

  42. Shubham Patil Vlog's

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    Abram saving for four year at the age of 14 but I am 25 and I haven’t saved a single penny

  43. PantsGuy 3000

    PantsGuy 3000

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    anyone else notice he put the monster cans in a sniper formation

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    “you wake up to watch porn” -wise words from a wise man(ed)

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    10:42 Watch what again?!

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    Lets get this man to 4 million subs by the end of the year.

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    4:46 wallpaper sauce?

  48. Basim Cooler than Ice hotter than lava

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    Umm that random wall of can is a gun

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    In 8:49 y is the gpu gtx 2060

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    8.47 typo GTX2060

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    Pre build edition 🤠

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    8:46 gtx 2060

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    Sleepin' Bright

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    More of Laptop Edition Please

  59. Think


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    I learned so much from these videos it’s actually crazy, when i was younger i had a completely different look on setups ,while now i just understand what a good setup should look like.Actually thank you for all these videos .By looking at this i have a whole different idea about the setup I actually want .I watched so many of these videos im actually addicted ,its crazy how much a person can change his view on things just by a couple of videos .

  60. SideFN


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    I would do this but I have the shit laptop 😢

  61. ツSophie


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    I would love to be on the show one day lol

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    SkyHigh 999

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    me : sheessh those keycaps be cool me realising they're anime : 🤭

  63. TheMonkeyGirl


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    How did Finn connect his mac to his hp monitor? Also how did he attach it to Monitor Arm Mount? And where did he get the tray for the MacBook to sit there? Tutorial on this all please! Or can I contact Finn somewhere or is that not possible?

  64. Heshan Kolitha

    Heshan Kolitha

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    8:48 WOW! theres a new Graphics Card the GTX 2060. xD



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    Thank you Ed for this video!! I’m really trying to get a gaming pc but I don’t know anything about pcs and your channel has helped me a ton. Just a small favour. Can you tell me a gaming pc which is about 2.5 thousand dollars and gives around 300 - 400 FPS on fortnite so I can doggy on the kids on fortnite! Lmao. I know you probably wouldn’t see this message buttt ya plz do.

  67. Izuco


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    8:48 nice gtx 2060 u got there

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    #helpmepls just joking

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    Ryan Kandy

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    the can in the corner is a sniper not random cans lol

  70. Euro


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    I just managed to get a RTX 3080 for my pc so I’m excited. Keep up the great content 👍

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    Cody Wolfe

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    2:18 abraham with the squiddy classic

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    8:46 ah yes gtx 2060

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    I used to watch tech source for fun...its now a 2 year addiction

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    this 3rd dude is stealing my waifu bruh, but seriously thats too much zero two's but i love the aesthetic but thats too much

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    Dose anybody know the clock in the middle of the monitor in the title

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    Huraira Edits

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    Not sure if I should submit my budget laptop setup, posted on my channel

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    Anyone know the name of the drawers in the second setup? 3:10

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    those ahegao keycaps wtf

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    Where are my Romanians=))

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    need more of these laptop setups, i love them

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    Request For Ultimate Edition❤️❤️

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    Daddy edgar

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    6:34 LOOOOL

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    10:42 that hit diffrent

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    Okay broooo, you didn't need to tear in to that second to last one. That was unnecessary..

  87. Augustus


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    I just downloaded Opera GX. my life would never be the same ever again

  88. wolwie


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    That is not random monster cans. It's a sniper rifle myguy

  89. Kuzu YT

    Kuzu YT

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    *"Setup Wars - Mobile Edition"* the only edition that i can join. :)

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    This is suspect.

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    This is suspect.

  92. Tobi Bluey

    Tobi Bluey

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    me watching this in the opera gx browser: 👁👄👁

  93. Cracked Ass

    Cracked Ass

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    In Gavin's setup, does anyone by chance know or knows something similar to his monitor and laptop stand risers?

  94. Artyon60fps


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    Hey ed i was wondering if you can give me a link for a good pc for fortnite and warzone because im on ps4 looking to upgrade to pc but dont know whats good.

  95. Cesco Shesh

    Cesco Shesh

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    What is a gtx 2060????

  96. hazzbazzgamezz


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    Can i have a gaming computer, it doest have to be special or anything. I just want to recored minecraft videos.

  97. Beach House Co.

    Beach House Co.

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    Hi! what's the brand and model of the peripherals of LARS's set-up? thanks =)

    • Beach House Co.

      Beach House Co.

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      @amirvader22 thanks a lot!

    • amirvader22


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      Logitech mx keys And razer atheris

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    Gavins a man of culture mate Edit :.Okayyyy....gavins a simp

  99. Kieser Uchiha

    Kieser Uchiha

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    hey man i really need help with a pc build and i was wondering if you could help me out with this pls it would be a life changer

  100. haresh kumar

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    sorry man i dont have youre discoard pls help me