Setup Wars Episode 254 - Teen Edition


  1. TechSource


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    • Un Keay

      Un Keay

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      I recommend you guys watch this video: itsJerian 2020 PC Build

    • Kolle Papendell

      Kolle Papendell

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      where is Episode 255 it hasnt been uploaded yet and i'm looking forward to watching it?

    • Svan en nog wat

      Svan en nog wat

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      tech from edsource

    • St1nky


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      Hey Tech Source i need help with my set up mainly my pc i have an alienware aurora r3 right now which is very loud and very slow the best thing i have in that is a 2060 super that i bought my self and put in i need help in making a new pc can you help me sorry if this sounds out there to address you personally as you probably wont see this so if you do thanks :)

    • Pabz Tv Vlogs

      Pabz Tv Vlogs

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      Hi Techsource i love to watch your tech set up editon hope you will find me soon .,as PWD im new in gaming pc world im from canada.have a good one stay safe always God Bless

  2. timetracker


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    3:18 hes a cod zombies fan like me!

  3. Random Dude Without an iPhone

    Random Dude Without an iPhone

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    Dude was saving for setup when he was 9 lol,at that time i was saving for some cotton candy.

  4. American Kid In Honduras

    American Kid In Honduras

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    why does it smell like apple sauce

  5. Perseus


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    People in Setup Wars: Extreme Gaming Pcs and up to 4 Monitors. Me: MacBookAir from 2012 and one Benq Monitor

  6. lord_monkey0208


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    Y’all actually believe Chase?

  7. Xianyzzz_YT


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    Bro if your that rich can u make me a setup like how do you even ménage to afford all this stuff so can you make me a good shaming setup if u don’t mind pls reply on this email (

  8. SLAS S

    SLAS S

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    In a teen and I have a 550$ laptop and a 40$ mouse

  9. Zurxs


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    only a (

  10. Jacob Coon

    Jacob Coon

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    Bruhhh hey guys it’s tech from Ed source😭😭

  11. Darren Hughes

    Darren Hughes

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    All I’m saying is why if you worked to get like thousands of pounds instead of putting it into a setup why not get a car or something

  12. anneleigh29


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    I wish he could do this to me bro I’ve had the worst year ever

  13. m1Bd0g


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    Hey Tech Source from Ed oganesyan

  14. Caleb Shin

    Caleb Shin

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    I know i’m not at this level yet but I have recently gotten my first monitor (even though i don’t even have a pc yet 😂) for my ps4

  15. Serhat Tiren

    Serhat Tiren

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    3:51 what app is that i want to design my own room as well

  16. TTACO


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    Did you legally change your name? Or are you actually named tech ed source?

  17. איש הבננה

    איש הבננה

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    apparently ed is ryzen 7 5800x, what a shame

  18. lucid demon

    lucid demon

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    Why do I watch this. Do I just enjoy watching others have better things than me? Probably yes

  19. Exposed Em

    Exposed Em

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    “Tech from Ed source” lmfao🤣

  20. Orca’s Gaming Hub

    Orca’s Gaming Hub

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    In the second setup what design software is that? I’d be interested to use it

  21. 3heesyy


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    ya man im just gonna spend 900 dollers on a desk yay

  22. wxlf lucaz

    wxlf lucaz

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    7:50 where can i buy that? it seems better then all those other setups...

  23. AKA LA ANT


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    Damn bro, 7:45 he looks young

  24. Erik Irelan

    Erik Irelan

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    Wow, those were good

  25. Decexion


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    Hi my birthday is next month and my dream setup is a whole gaming setup :)

  26. ItzWatermelonBoss


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    you never posted anything yesterday

  27. ItzWatermelonBoss


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    ed what about set up wars 255



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    I wish i had a new setup

  29. css javascript

    css javascript

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    I have a solution for Cable Management Just don't look under the table

  30. Jackson Mancil

    Jackson Mancil

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    How do people set up their power strips to their desks?



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    i like how Ed supports his countrymen just love bro. i hope filipinos will soon go back on pc gaming.

  32. Zeep Kid

    Zeep Kid

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    I wish I was those people

  33. Kolle Papendell

    Kolle Papendell

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    where is Episode 255 please?

  34. StatusGFX


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    Yo when des 255 come out? i just love this series and i wat every monday for it!

  35. Joshua Ives

    Joshua Ives

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    You have to react to symfuhny's new setup!!!

  36. André Oliveira

    André Oliveira

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    Ed caught Ligma ?

  37. André Oliveira

    André Oliveira

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    Where is the new episode?

  38. Fenrir Ingi

    Fenrir Ingi

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    can someone tell me the name of Chases white acoustic foam things please

  39. טלי לקס

    טלי לקס

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    Where is eposide 255?

    • ImBreexe


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      That’s what I’m saying 😭

  40. jades


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    why does niles have 2 240 hz monitors?

  41. salah abdul

    salah abdul

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    i wish on my life i had pc



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    The Velcro straps were not symmetrical.

  43. Sir O'Brien Crawford

    Sir O'Brien Crawford

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    plz give me a new setup

  44. Venzoh


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    the 11 year old SCREAMS fortnite.

  45. Max Drew

    Max Drew

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    This episode was sick! Heck, every episode of setup wars is sick!

  46. LusT


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    3:57 What’s this program called

  47. Vandana Chouhan

    Vandana Chouhan

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    i also have a bad pc so :(

  48. Vandana Chouhan

    Vandana Chouhan

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    hi my name is manit and i love all your vidoes all i wanted in my life was to be a gamer have a good pc and get better not only that i an good in my studies i love all your vids and the most in which you built a dream setup for a kid pls reply i love you

  49. Mario Leustean

    Mario Leustean

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    You called that teenagers that kid was like 10 😂😂

  50. Peter Milohnic

    Peter Milohnic

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    just a question... lets say I get an AIO for my cpu… it has 2 120mm fans for the radiator… will those act as exhaust fans pulling air out of the case meaning I need more intake fans to balance it out or what?

  51. Sam's Tech Review

    Sam's Tech Review

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    I'm actually half Armenian

  52. Just_En0x


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    tech from edsource

  53. Alex perez

    Alex perez

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    I'm starting to get in to gaming and I need help what stuff do I need?

  54. Ink_TV


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    Anyone know what program that is at 3:53, I want something like that to help design my room but can't find anything like it.

  55. TheKrispayPickle


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    Hey! so I was wondering, if I wanted to paint my walls, what color should I do that would all around look good with a setup? I'm only 14 but am working to try and improve my setup. just curious because this series has inspired me so much lately and really do want to be on here one day.

  56. Anthony Jiang

    Anthony Jiang

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    MILES THO. 11 Years old. Spoilt…….. Did he mow all the grass in the world or what…… Parents credit card……

  57. Ozzy Hayles

    Ozzy Hayles

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    Do you travel to do it or does it have to be in your country

  58. Leo Thomas

    Leo Thomas

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    what is this software called 3:50

  59. Svan en nog wat

    Svan en nog wat

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    tech from Edsource 😂😂😂

  60. APlays


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    Can someone tell me the software the fort nite guy used to sketch his setup,I’ve been inspired to start sketching my own and hopefully it will come to life one day!

  61. Christian Pates

    Christian Pates

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    Chase is like that one rich kid at school that everybody is jealous of, Great setup good job tho!

  62. Saint Eagle

    Saint Eagle

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    10:30 an Intel i7 with a B450 motherboard 🤔

  63. Controlergod16


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    I would love to build a pc with you and learn all about the components

  64. Scotty Craft

    Scotty Craft

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    I’m gonna get a job next summer and save up to hopefully get something close to any of these. Just 2 monitors s a pc. Also some Led lights

  65. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute

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    Does anyone know a good amp for the dt990s?

  66. G S

    G S

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    Have the Autonomous office chair, very awesome chair!



    7 ימים לפני

    Plz react to dude perfect setup

  68. London’s Gaming

    London’s Gaming

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    How do I submit my set up?

  69. Dragonest_Gaming_YT


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    I feel poor now 😂

  70. Dobby S

    Dobby S

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    When a Setup from a 11 year old is at least double as good as mine.. im 21

  71. Hydro YA DIGG

    Hydro YA DIGG

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    3:26 can we just look at the cod zombies percs For a second

  72. Jack Boehmke

    Jack Boehmke

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    hey TechSource, or anyone that reads this comment, I saw on your discord theres a "for sale" section and I saw some stuff I might want to look into buying, but i dont know how to contact you, how could I contact you to buy somthing that you are selling?

  73. troffy


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    niles setup: sponsered by daddys money

    • SejrosXD


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  74. Dark Sugar

    Dark Sugar

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    eversince ive subscribed and followed you .. i cant stop calling you a hero - cause way back then im so broke and stop dreaming to build my fantasy gaming pc that i cant afford .. but now i started to dream and keep saving money, whatever it takes i wish this comment of mine would reach you cause you inspired me so much

  75. mr funkey

    mr funkey

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    litterly all the setups are so basic except the 2nd one

  76. Kamden Dooley

    Kamden Dooley

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    Did he say tech from Edsource in the beginning

  77. joey james

    joey james

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    On average detaseling corn pays 16 to 17 dollars a hour just if anyone is wondering

  78. Nerfes 90

    Nerfes 90

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    Tech from edsource

  79. RealFig


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    Did anyone else notice he said this is Tech from Ed Wars

  80. Ralph Mills

    Ralph Mills

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    I’m so confused on why people need 4 monitors🤦‍♂️

  81. SejrosXD


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    7:26 The power of dad’s credit card

  82. Scotty Craft

    Scotty Craft

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    Chase won in my opinion. It’s extravagant big flashy and so many other things that people would want in a pc and gaming room. And the fact that he payed for it himself is just so much better. A close second place would have to be Chris.

  83. Hello Word

    Hello Word

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  84. Wilde Hilde

    Wilde Hilde

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    Imagine playing Call of Duty and GTA with ELEVEN haha, my parents would have kiiled me by finding out back in the days.

  85. Wilde Hilde

    Wilde Hilde

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    The third one is crisp as well, looks a bit more like mine =)

  86. Wilde Hilde

    Wilde Hilde

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    Second Set up is really nuts, big fucking props

  87. Wilde Hilde

    Wilde Hilde

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    Me, german, looking up what detasseling money means, you, showing it right after xD fail

  88. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze

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    This makes me jealous...

  89. Abbassy


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    The thin japan univariately sack because coach contradictorily wrap at a lacking crib. deranged, half nerve

  90. 𝑷𝒊𝒄𝒌𝒘𝒆𝒚


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    Wow. Im broke.

    • SejrosXD


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      Lol me2

  91. TuanVN 2007

    TuanVN 2007

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    "Tech from EdSource" finally my suggestion has been delivered

  92. Devin Jewell

    Devin Jewell

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    Me doing research to build my dream build after AMC squeeze🚀🚀🙌🏼💎

  93. Trignical


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    "What's up guys tech from Ed source" Is it only me?

  94. Max Norsworthy

    Max Norsworthy

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    Hey could anyone help me identify what software he is using here? 3:51

  95. That_guyKaiden


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    Been here since 200k

  96. Zayrot


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    My favourite was the setup from Chris because it was so minimalistic and clean!

  97. Vulx


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    Y’all it’s tech from edsource

  98. SPRZA


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    Where to get a wallpanel behind the monitors from chase?

  99. Pandagames


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    yo i got an idea for content i be your new season of setup makeovers i need it

  100. J0KÉR XD

    J0KÉR XD

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    I’m building my first pc on Wednesday wish me luck