This Was kind of Unexpected - RTX 3080 TI PC Build


  1. PC Gamer

    PC Gamer

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    Run the PC without the side panel and temps will drop at least 10C 😎

  2. 마스터 LAG

    마스터 LAG

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    Imagine having 3M subs and no camera stand

  3. Joneh


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    Holy shit a founders edition rtx 3080



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    Why are GPUs so damn expensive on Amazon????

  5. Igmer Ponce

    Igmer Ponce

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    That is a nasty build! WOW speechless

  6. fuvet


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    You were so excited to get the 3080 ti build finished you forgot some things haha!

  7. TheOfficial Samurai

    TheOfficial Samurai

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    its been a month pls do part 2

  8. enplo.


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    tech source casually spitting on all processors apart from the i9 10900k me with a i5 6400 vibing

  9. rolls


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    a pc shouldn’t look this beautiful😍

  10. VGC games

    VGC games

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  11. Kehschell


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    What type of gpu are we talking about?🤔🤔

  12. Ayyub Solihin

    Ayyub Solihin

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    i mean like yes i would love to be your cameraman thenn

  13. STASI minecraft

    STASI minecraft

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    “This thing gets me moist, yeaa I can not wait! To get inside you.” Nice one ed

  14. Sajida Ahmed

    Sajida Ahmed

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    Take your hallelujah

  15. EGSpice


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    I wish I got the same build

  16. Jasper


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    When will the part 2 come out 😡😡😡

  17. SinnR6


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    Is there a link to that electric screwdriver??

  18. Sakurasawa Sumi

    Sakurasawa Sumi

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    wow we have the same- air

  19. Ca11MeTJ


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    "I'm getting better at spreading thermal paste as you guys can see" 5 seconds after getting paste on the mobo.

  20. Kris Hovis

    Kris Hovis

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    That rgb strip by the fans would look so much better on the bottom but I love the build I would love to have this system

  21. Noah Schøler

    Noah Schøler

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    Does anyone know where to get the little black electric screwdriver? It seems like it is nice to have

  22. ROG STRIX 3080

    ROG STRIX 3080

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    Please do overclocking guide on asus tuf b550

  23. Israel Narapureddy

    Israel Narapureddy

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  24. Frost


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    if u could pay for my plane tickets I’ll be your camera man

  25. LegendBb


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    I mean I’m down to record for you 😏I’m from long beCh

  26. Ismael Mirza

    Ismael Mirza

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    ASUS Prime Z390-A

  27. Carl Gomes

    Carl Gomes

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    Me with my acer notebook with gtx 1050 🥲

  28. mohammad nozair ateeque

    mohammad nozair ateeque

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    Have you tried the pov built yet?

  29. daniel franco

    daniel franco

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    I would be your camera man for free

  30. Sheeeeeshh


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    How to get 3080 ti Step one break into Ed’s house

  31. Ryan Wadden

    Ryan Wadden

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    I wanted to get a pc for awhile whats a good affordable pc for warzone

  32. Khaled


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    The pc building was amazing but know I can't find any new gpu

  33. Whistle Motivation

    Whistle Motivation

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    I just can't imagaine that how many pc you have ? Do you sell them or what because that's huge number .

  34. Duk


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    Ed will soon forget the name of his own channel, just like how he forgot the name of the ram, haha

  35. Senjarama


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    it looks pretty dam good :D

  36. spirits


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    I like how he linked everything in the discriptoion as if we can buy it

  37. Chuma Cakata

    Chuma Cakata

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    Repaste the gpu?? Maybe..

  38. AutisticDiablo


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    I’m jelous. That looks so freaking good and I am mega sad because I just got a 5900x and I think I fried my motherboard somehow ? Any thoughts on why that happened? But yeah .

  39. Chiscrafter


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    Nice Video, pls do for the next Streamer Setup Reaction Video the German Streamer "Amar".💯

  40. Albeiro Hernandez

    Albeiro Hernandez

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    Can you build me a 2000 dollar pc and I could buy it off you please I live around LA

  41. casual_ chris_

    casual_ chris_

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    is there a way I can have this pc… it would be my first pc, and it would help a lot. you’re the only person on ILcycle I truly trust when it comes to pc’s. you’ll probably never see this but yeah

  42. Kiddo Shutzu

    Kiddo Shutzu

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    So when u gonna send it to me -wink wink-

  43. Danny Cervantes

    Danny Cervantes

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    do a nzxt gaming pc build

  44. REBIRTH 4k

    REBIRTH 4k

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    that case makes me wish i still had a micro-ATX MOTHERBOARD so bad!!!!

  45. Piyush Vyas

    Piyush Vyas

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    Vlog style videos are not cool, if those are >20 mins long.

  46. GamerFloor11


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    By far one of my favorite pc you’ve made

  47. somechick73


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    Id love to have a pc like that. But they have gotten so expensive for gpu. I was luckt to get my 2060 super before the 30 series launched and prices on everythijg sky rocketed.

  48. YT SYRUS


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    Is there no hard drive disc?

  49. ParvPro Gamer

    ParvPro Gamer

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  50. TwoPointGames


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    Now we need a SLI 3080ti build

  51. General734


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    If you want a camera man I'd love to work for you, I wouldn't mind moving to america to work for you, wold ofc need a decent salary tho :D

  52. Sebi Hanke

    Sebi Hanke

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    I would go air out through the aio and the rest as intake. maybe that would work out fine.

  53. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon

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    Sup bro can you build me a pc so I can really get in to gaming so I can get money for my fam

  54. motey refael

    motey refael

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    Burbank….I’m here hit me up

  55. Robert Cheever

    Robert Cheever

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    Can you do a full setup build

  56. David Fanai

    David Fanai

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    BRuVAAA i hope we meet up oneday and talk about how I always watch you build massive gaming pc but never I have money to buy one LOL

  57. Dan Lo

    Dan Lo

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    Hi can I know what is the size of the rgb strip you’re using mate?

  58. The Chosen One

    The Chosen One

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  59. UltimateVegtio 96

    UltimateVegtio 96

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    My mobo is x570 from tuf



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    U r the first youtuber i have seen that is working so hard For his channle... Btw i got so much help from u... Yesterday i bought a case for my pc and wanted to switch it soo i did everything except f panel wires.... I was so scared that i was sweating... It took me 40min to think to wat to do now... Then a blink in my mind said TECH SOURCE... MAAAAAN THAT RELAXMENT.. Love from pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰

  61. Hav_vicBeast


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  62. flesh blanket

    flesh blanket

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    16:33 WTF was that?



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    u are disgusting doing moaning btw how do u even afford all of this

  64. Franciscolopez935 Lopez

    Franciscolopez935 Lopez

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    Part 2 of the 25,000dollar pc build

  65. Mert Aygın

    Mert Aygın

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    Bro your motherboard choice is very bad

  66. omer ali

    omer ali

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    React to ducky bhai setup

  67. TheFatDadGamer


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    I know you put links but it would be awesome if you put a total at the end of the built for us lazy fat ppl

  68. Kolstrike


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    His guy should watch a PC build video or something, so much confusion.

  69. NosnipeLias


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  70. Deborah Ossai

    Deborah Ossai

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  71. bettle juice

    bettle juice

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    Hi tech source try using a gimble for you’re camera ,believe me its worth it

  72. Midgentics


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    1:19 AYO edgar sus?

  73. Cpt. Kryptic

    Cpt. Kryptic

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    I wish i could get a Pc because i dont have a good pc i use a mac book that i got from a free yard sale... it would be a dream just for a pc

  74. Xeriox01


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    thats cool and all but Im tired of seeing crap I cant even get....

  75. starco 321

    starco 321

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    i first thaught that he had a new kid LMAO 😂🤣

  76. Q Visuals

    Q Visuals

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    The rad was supposed to be flipped anyway to maximize life-span

  77. Robert Charles

    Robert Charles

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    I got my cards at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. What can be better?

    • Moon Charge

      Moon Charge

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      awesome cards out there. I got all of my cards there.

  78. Philip Devlin

    Philip Devlin

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    As this build went on I began to hate that case more and more

  79. OneHatrick


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    can i be your camera man

  80. jie yan

    jie yan

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    surprisingly there is actually stock in Sydney right now 3080ti is literally selling for $3599 AUD which is insane and can't believe a 3070 is costing around $1600 AUD while I bought mine like 6months ago for $1000 AUD

  81. Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson

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    I live in Bangladesh. I definitely wanna be your cameraman. If you pay me with a gpu, I will be at your service for whole one year 😐😑.

  82. Leandro Nascimento

    Leandro Nascimento

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    sheeeeesh mega sus

  83. LJ_ Offical

    LJ_ Offical

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    I'm interested in that payment method Ed😅

  84. Pushpa Golhar

    Pushpa Golhar

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    The upper RGB strip should be placed at bottom

  85. Rogie


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    Hey Ed I have a birthday coming up and I think im going to do my first build any apus you reccomend preferably a cheap one.

  86. Victor Lui

    Victor Lui

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    Sup Edgar? Hehe. Hi Tech Source. I started to follow your channel because your cool accent. Even though I never talked to you before and just followed your channel, I can only hope that I do not get banned from your channel without talking ro you first. Therefore, I wanted to say hello first Mr. Edgar O. I like fish and chips. What is your favorite food? Do you like to eat pizza? Also, I like to play mobile games. Sometimes I like some espresso or coffee. Imma edible! Imma cookie! Imma cookie monster! Bro, dis you hear about the commotion about the nvidia rtx graphics card?

  87. Cole VanDiver

    Cole VanDiver

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    It makes me want to commit vehicular manslaughter because he used crystallized Rgb strips but didn’t use crystallized Rgb ram or crystallized Rgb fans

  88. Dominik Boss

    Dominik Boss

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    16:38 3080 Ti be like "Yamete Kudasai"

  89. Dominik Boss

    Dominik Boss

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    9:47 The Verge would be proud! xD

  90. Duc Trung Nguyen

    Duc Trung Nguyen

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  91. Chris Nguyen

    Chris Nguyen

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  92. Liam Putnam

    Liam Putnam

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    What do you do with the pc's that you build when your done building them?

  93. Paul Dino

    Paul Dino

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    Ed: Wants to hire us to be our camera man Me: ok Ed: You have to live near el Me in Philippines Awwww

  94. X8Mateo


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    i need this build but im broke I NEED IT

  95. Mohamed Alsaeidi

    Mohamed Alsaeidi

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    RGB is life

  96. Cruz Hernandez

    Cruz Hernandez

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    I see u build a lot of PC on ur channel. What do u do with them? Do u sell them or give them away?

  97. ThisisBen


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    I'm not having a go at any of these tech channels but the likes of Nvidia seem to prioritize these channels over the consumers that pay their bills. Maybe these channels got them legit, but doesn't seem the case. . . . Not a good look for the likes of Nvidia

  98. Velazquez B

    Velazquez B

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    i live in the LA area:)))) and I do a bit of camera work to

  99. Abraham Kim

    Abraham Kim

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    Name of that screw driver please.

  100. kissmy_ renegade

    kissmy_ renegade

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    show us the glas infront of the case when its build