Setup Wars Episode 250 - Budget Edition

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➡️Abdul Wasay Farooqui⬅️
Chair: Office Ergonomic Chair
Monitors: Samsung SyncMaster S27B750
Mouse: Logitech G402
Mousepad: Corsair MM300 XL
Speakers: Edifier XM6 2.1
Headphones: Steelseries Siberia V2
Microphone: Razer Seiren Mini Mercury White
Desk:Ikea Karlby
Chair:Genesis Nitro 440
Monitors LG 29UM69G-B 29" | Samsung UE43TU7172 43" |
Monitor Mount:Universal Wall Mount
Keyboard:Motospeed CK103
Mouse:Sharkoon SHARK Force
Mousepad:Genesis M12 Maxi
Speakers:Logitech Z333
Misc Amazon Echo Dot | Broadlink Rm Pro | Universal Wireless charger |
Desk: Gerton tabletop
Chair: herman miller aareon
Monitors: 22 inch samsung monitor Ls22f
Monitor Mount: Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand
Keyboard: Dierya DK61
Mouse: Gpro Wireless
Headphones: Dt770
Microphone: shure sm58
DAC/AMP: komplete audio 6
Desk: Autonomous AI Smart desk 2
Chair: Bayside Furnishings Metrex IV Mesh Office Chair
Monitors LG 34WL500-B | ASUS PB278 | Acer S242HL |
Keyboard: Royal kludge RK-61
Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero SE
Speakers: Logitech Z313 Speaker System
Headphones: Turtle Beach XO Four
Microphone: Blue Snowball iCE
Misc BELKIN wireless charging phone stand | InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand for Blue Snowball iCE | tZumi LED light bar | Merkury light strip | Gooseneck tablet holder | iPad Mini 4 (for the webcam) |
Monitor: LG 29" Ultrawide 75Hz (I don't know the model number)
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Mouse: Trust gaming mouse (Pretty unknown dutch company)
Headset: Corsair HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset
Mouse mat: Genesis M12 MAXI gaming mousepad 90x45 CM
Wifi Adapter: D-Link DWA-192 Wi-Fi USB Adapter


  1. TechSource


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    Take one good look at the intro, because it will be the last time you are gonna see it. You will be missed 🥺

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      But we can repeat the video lol

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      Offset ZR

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      Easily the best part of szn4 🥰💯

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      Roofmanya Gaming

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      That would be pog my luck is 😑😑😑

  2. Pom


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    I guess you have a different definition of “budget”

  3. Masked Man

    Masked Man

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    im not even watching on pc

  4. J teegarden

    J teegarden

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    you do whatever makes you happy man my entertainment isn't as important as your happiness also yay more budget

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  6. Dumbro


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    2nd dude has a fire setup and he lives in athens lol

  7. JasonViews


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    When i see a bad setup it makes me feel like mines is not bad so it is good

  8. Joao Ribeiro

    Joao Ribeiro

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    Great video!! Edit: Nevermind, I just found your cable guide video. Thanks :D

  9. Direct Aim 47

    Direct Aim 47

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    ' Budget edition ' Hella sus.

  10. Ididntaak0009


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    I would have to go with Lukas imo

  11. TheEggscellent


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    I cant😭 I loved the roasting your setup series, it was what attracted to your channel in the first place🥲.

  12. Petros Papadopoulos

    Petros Papadopoulos

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    Άντε και ένας Έλληνας σε αυτήν την εκπομπή 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  13. Daksh Rokadia

    Daksh Rokadia

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    Budget They say

  14. angery gamer noises

    angery gamer noises

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    noooooooooo, now my horrible rig will never see the light of roasting :((((((((((((((((( im actually really sad, please bring it back

  15. Drained


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  16. LegendHasSkillz


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    You know your friendly budget setup less than 2000$ dollars. Whereas my setup is 400 with a free desk and microphone I got from my grandfather

  17. Exempt 1

    Exempt 1

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    Ed why you letting the 1% ruin a show the other 99% like? They obviously have brains of apes if they think what you said.



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  19. Aryan Hawoldar

    Aryan Hawoldar

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    Me: On a mac and wondering what that windows thing is

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    Nice Gucci shirt sheeeesh

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  22. Fixer


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    Wish I could make my own setup because I have a bad one right now :(

  23. Bertie Connelly

    Bertie Connelly

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  24. Hindi Dubbed

    Hindi Dubbed

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    is corsair cv 650watt good psu

  25. Ronnie


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    new viewers are snowflakes......

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    Omg pakistan!

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    No hate

  28. Spencer Andresen

    Spencer Andresen

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    techsource: are you sereicly watching this video on a pc without windows install me who is watching this on a macbook and doesn"t own a pc

  29. JustMeBoi


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    I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't worst setup edition but I must understand it, but watching worst setups makes me feel better about my setup.

  30. Sigurd Sibbern

    Sigurd Sibbern

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    You care more about CTR then what your subscribers want. Wow good thinking. I’m unsubscribing rn

  31. Vái .__.

    Vái .__.

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  32. Techno Bangla

    Techno Bangla

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    Hey, I'm from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 . I'm your subscriber. I have a pc, but it is too much old and lots of lagy. Sometimes it’s shutdown automatically. Im in a bad situation. I have seen you make over the computer setup of your subscribers. If its possible, i want your help to get a better pc setup. Besides you are invited to Bangladesh, it would be proud for us. Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 N.B: please Ignore my grammatical mistakes.

  33. Techno Bangla

    Techno Bangla

    27 ימים לפני

    Hey, I'm from Bangladesh. I'm your subscriber. I have a pc, but it is too much old and lots of lagy. Sometimes it’s shutdown automatically. Im in a bad situation. I have seen you make over the computer setup of your subscribers. If its possible, i want your help to get a better pc setup. Besides you are invited to Bangladesh, it would be proud for us. N.B: please Ignore my grammatical mistakes.

  34. Devin


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    1:05 hey bro what’s that ta- ohhh it says ducks

  35. Papz gaming

    Papz gaming

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    I started following ur channel coz of worst setup edition 😓

  36. Cooper


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    Always Getting Bullied For My Pc Components I Just Hate It

  37. Mikael slezak

    Mikael slezak

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    1:59 no I'm watching it on a Samsung tablet

  38. Jovan Vitanovic

    Jovan Vitanovic

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    Im currently planing to build my own setup, i am (Very likely) getting the money in the next couple of days, and if not then il have to wait a bit untill i get the money eventually, for now these are the specs im working on, im on a pretty tight budget of $1000 since im only 16 but im gonna try to make the most of it (CPU) Ryzen 5 1600AF (GPU) GTX 1660 (MOBO) Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite (RAM) Vengance RGB Pro 3000mhz 2x8gb (CASE) MS Armor v705 (PSU) Gigabyte P650b 650W (SSD) Boot Kingston A400 120GB (500/320mb) (HDD) Seagate Guardian 1TB 7200rpm (CPU and Case Fans) AMD Wraith Spire (CPU) 4x Raidmax 120mm ARGB (CASE) (Peripherals) (Monitor) Acer Nitro VG270 75hz 1ms 27inch (Mouse) Redragon Storm M808 (Keyboard) Redragon K568 Dark Avenger (Headset) Bloody G521 (MousePad) Genius GX Pad 800s RGB (Accessories) -A LOT of RGB strips -Headset Hanger -and a lot of cable management tools And im also currently working on my desk to make it a bit larger and a different color

    • Tempo


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      I would also recommend getting a cpu cooler like a be quiet or a cooler master cooler. Both companies have good air coolers for under 100$ and really good performance.

    • Tempo


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      I would also get a case with better airflow. The Corsair 275r airflow is a really good option and is only about 70$

    • Tempo


      29 ימים לפני

      Hey man, your build sounds good, but I would recommend getting a ryzen 5 3600 with a msi b450 to Mohawk max. I have the same graphics card as you and it runs pretty smooth, and I have the same memory. In my opinion, I don’t really like rgb so depending on your budget I would get maybe one or two strips and save that money for your pc hardware. Have a good day!

  39. Pureeey


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    My names Edgar and I’m armenian too no way

  40. Gary collumbell

    Gary collumbell

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    Damn no roast edition at least a few times a yr 😑

  41. Chris Treasure

    Chris Treasure

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    I always wanted to enter this but seeing these setups makes mine look like trash

  42. tobi ogunlende

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  43. Reza afandi

    Reza afandi

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    but you're helping the winners of the potato edition :(

  44. Duy Hoàng Đức

    Duy Hoàng Đức

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    Where can I find the set up at 8:39?

  45. Karol Karamihan

    Karol Karamihan

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  46. Mike Fallon

    Mike Fallon

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    The set ups just got way too good

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    The axiomatic dentist uniquely mug because underwear noteworthily bow down a ill-informed ship. eminent, torpid hallway

  48. Emil Grabo

    Emil Grabo

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    3:10 is what do you mean with budget that's a really good pc

  49. ItzSITKA


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    eli representing us down here in utah

  50. Alberts


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    naaaaaa fam only reason im subd is cus of the worst setup episodes

  51. N3RD


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    Funny thing is i really am watching this on a windows PC thats not activated lol. I just got a 5600x with a B550.

  52. fclreeboi


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    You really can have a nice setup and nice things on a setup

  53. ArtSins


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    I am at war with my FBI agent.. he keeps putting stuff on my recommended that I was talking about minutes befor3… I don’t want to see that…!!

  54. Rayaan Uddin

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    Do not buy windows activate it for free also download windows 11

  55. Random Center360

    Random Center360

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  56. Harris


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    I envy alexandros's setup, sometimes you need a place to study and you dont want the pc to occupy the whole desk. I vote Alexandros for sure

  57. Kallina


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    Alex’s setup is the best!😍😍😍

  58. Blitz9728


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    The first one isn’t a budget build at all my pc has a Ryzen 5 3600x which I admit is good but I got an rx580

  59. Mohamad Houli

    Mohamad Houli

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    4:08 what is this desk called plz I really need to know

  60. kakilla1000


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    6:14 someone knows where to find that wallpeaper, I’m in loved

  61. Im Just Thunder

    Im Just Thunder

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    Bruh, keep doing worst setups, it's funny and enjoyable, if any1 says anything their pussys who don't understand the channel. That simple. Don't worry about their feelings as the people who go on worst setups do it for comedy of this channel. It's something I will always enjoy watching, but I want u to have fun doing It too, not just for the audience.

  62. The King

    The King

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    I feel you keep up

  63. Azmain Fahik

    Azmain Fahik

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    Can anyone give me Eli's Wallpaper? I can't seem to find it anywhere

  64. Daniel Novikov

    Daniel Novikov

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    Not the next suggested video being "Roasting the Worst Setups I have seen"...

  65. Recs


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  66. Ant


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    Tech source if you see this please find a way to buy me a new pc it’s a ibuypower pc and I’m trying to play games but it’s hard with a pc that can’t really handle going over 120 fps anyways if you see this I love your vids so much. 💯❤️❤️

  67. Tyler Sky

    Tyler Sky

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    The definition of "budget" is somewhat misleading

  68. FAZE.winter


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    I sit on bed with a TV and xbox 1

  69. FAZE.winter


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    I have a poor set up

  70. FAZE.winter


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    I need set up

  71. D'aire Beard

    D'aire Beard

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    i love the idea of setup wars. like EVERYone dreamed about haveing a good setup. :)

    • D'aire Beard

      D'aire Beard

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      stay save in bye.

    • D'aire Beard

      D'aire Beard

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      i know people BE down talking others. but NEVER give up. do your Drea m think BIG

  72. The Music Heart

    The Music Heart

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    I came back after a week and first thing I hear is the waste disposal site that's is my room was all for nothing.

  73. stxrmyz g

    stxrmyz g

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    Hey man i neeed help I’m crying while I’m writing this bc i need a pc but I’m broke my budget is 200 for a dell if u can upgraded it I’m only 14 much love man 🖤

  74. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget

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    These videos always make me feel so subconscious of my build

  75. QCPRINCE 1


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    abdul should've used tape for painting the keyboard

  76. Bee cham

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    For more information please

  77. Bee cham

    Bee cham

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    Please ur contact please

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    Fortune MAKGOPA

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    Can you please please please please please please please do a giveaway even a ps4 or x box one

  79. midon


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    6:03 I can see a big graffiti style painting looking really good on that wall

  80. Kingloyskie


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    TechSource pls help me my pc is ruined 1 wait 4hours to boot my pc hope you help me i have facebook account lawrence abut im from philippines i hope that you will help me

  81. Baern


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    Do you have a digital artist setup war? Would love to see what people do when adding an on-screen drawing tablet to their setup

  82. Chiscrafter


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    Nice Video, pls do for the next Streamer Setup Reaction Video the German Streamer "Amar".💯

  83. Coolbrolfc


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  84. Donovan Knick

    Donovan Knick

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    Ed: are you seriously watching this video on a PC without windows activated? Me, who doesn't have a PC: .......

  85. Sean Jackson

    Sean Jackson

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    I’m fine with. No worst edition. I like seeing the really nice setups and finding new ways to make my setup better and I don’t really find that from worst edition, I really like ultimate edition

  86. i-surf808


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    instead of roasting people (which I find extremely entertaining btw lol), you could make faces like "wtf face" or "this setup makes me feel constipated face" or "I'm dead face", also please do a prebuilt edition, I know you are all about building your own, but I just can't help feeling like I am not the only one that cant get a decent GPU to build a PC at retail during this crazy worldwide pandemic. I would much rather pay retail for a prebuilt with a decent GPU. than pay scalped prices just for a GPU. Do a vote or something too see how many would be interested in a prebuilt edition and call it, "too broke to pay scalpers edition" or " miners and bots beat me to it edition", "F-this pandemic edition", maybe "too impatient to wait for GPU prices to drop so I bought a prebuilt edition". Anyway great content as usual!

  87. maxito kong

    maxito kong

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    i wish i have a pc

  88. Lil Chxco

    Lil Chxco

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    actually im a new subs and i pretty enjoy to ur vid and im new about this thing lol

  89. Andrew Mausisa

    Andrew Mausisa

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    Aye, i used your link but forgot to use your code. you still get credit ya?

  90. Amanda Sheldon

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  91. Texas Game Artist

    Texas Game Artist

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    Tech source if I have a PC who no VGA port what do I do with a display port does it do the same like a VGA like I can stream. What do I do

  92. Bot Likz

    Bot Likz

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    0:04 instead of not doing setup wars worst setups, just say in every video at the beginning that it’s a joke and your not a bad dude. this is not to hate i just really love watching that series with my brother

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    KING Power

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    You’ve inspired me so much I built a pc and got a setup

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    Yes yes i am watching on a pc without windows activated lol

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    1:58 how do you know

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    Does anybody know where I can access Eli's wallpaper from? I'm totally in love with it and it looks great. Thanks!

  100. [Cute]


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    Is ryzen 3 1200 any good for a budget pc that works fine fore games?