I Finally Built My Dream Custom Keyboard!

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  1. TechSource


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    New TechSource Mousepads are officially out! Limited quantities available, get them here: www.dealsource.tech/store

    • Pog Sauce

      Pog Sauce

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    • ChrisBrett2


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      Your keyboard is compensating for something else...

    • TwixWaifu


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      yo whens setup wars 255 droppin?

    • Arnel Apuang

      Arnel Apuang

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      Want that old keyboard...

    • Arnel Apuang

      Arnel Apuang

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      Can I have your old keyboard? Mine was verymuch destroyed to the point that It cant be used when playing fps games

  2. Eliot Beckman

    Eliot Beckman

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    If I could can I possibly have your old keyboard lmao

  3. OTXgaming


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    I don't need you to lure me into another expensive hobby, thanks.

  4. Aiman Amran

    Aiman Amran

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    cringe u barely did anything

  5. Clocky


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    Lmao i beat the dream stans clicked this

  6. Joneh


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    I did not expect you to use the type of switches i was going for

  7. ItsTlyu


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    the sound for 1300 is iffy

  8. emerald


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    Hey guy why did you have to ruin it with rgb?

  9. emerald


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    Oh no…

  10. Helo Iamcool

    Helo Iamcool

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    Ive watched this vid so many times and am so proud to say congrats youve made it to the rabbit hole of keyboard

  11. ballu kannan

    ballu kannan

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    ik its preference but.... pov : makes a 1300 kb ,gets 35 dollar switches

  12. R0ffiE


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    It sounded so good and clean, the stabs was really good! But that num-pad...

  13. Zurxs


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    Big head

  14. Kyro _Sama

    Kyro _Sama

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    $1300 for a keyboard 😂😂. My whole pc is worth $900. Good for you rich guy ❤️🙂

  15. Matías MIZRAHI

    Matías MIZRAHI

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    me thinking: oh he will get some plate mounted stabs because its his first time, NOPE me thinking:oh he will get some nice tangies,alpacas,bobas,NOPE me thinking:oh he will get a kbd fand case or something from drop, NOPE, he got a 1100 dollar case

  16. FastLegEnte


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    One of us! One of us!

  17. JohnlyRancher


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    Edgar has made fun of setups but now us keyboard enthusiasts get to pick at every single thing we dont agree/like 😈😈

  18. nehemiah


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    black switches sound so much better, imo.

  19. Tanki Benazzo

    Tanki Benazzo

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  20. Askmymom9 B

    Askmymom9 B

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    Why be the price in the thumbnail more than my setup?!?!?!?

  21. yolo polo

    yolo polo

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    I cant buy ur mousepad yet, but give me another week or so and ill be able to buy the desert mousepad. keep selling those cause there sick

  22. Gardge 12

    Gardge 12

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    lol this came into my recommendations cuz it had the word 'Dream' in it lol. i thought it was a keyboard for dream lol

  23. Key Birb

    Key Birb

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    I get that he tried to make a joke ab bugz lubing small things but he’s never lubed switches it’s horrible kinda rude imo

  24. Hoodedly YT

    Hoodedly YT

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    Just your keyboard cost more than my entire set up

  25. Zafaron


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    You should try melgeek mojo 60 with a ceramic case. 👌

  26. Caelan De Jager

    Caelan De Jager

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    RGB noooo😭😭😭

  27. Rumaround


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    for how expensive that keyboard is, it sounds pretty bad

    • Ties


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      Yeah, they didn't do the best job at lubing either. I like the sound of the kbd67 lite with lavender/waterking switches more lmao.

  28. Reza afandi

    Reza afandi

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    it looks so cool with the white backlit lights

  29. Norbelisa Ramos

    Norbelisa Ramos

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    Are u still doing make over setup

  30. Tokhy H

    Tokhy H

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    Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Turn that rgb off!

  31. Jay E

    Jay E

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    Tech source- Tuesday July 22 2021 And I can’t help but getting really moist down there

  32. Ihsaan Khan

    Ihsaan Khan

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    The asmr tho 🤤

  33. Display


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    The typing test website - monkeytype.com

  34. Clistz


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    Congrats man! Finally!

  35. Blacksage


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    69 wpm😎

  36. Vortex Flash

    Vortex Flash

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    Keyboard wars when? Lol

  37. NotSquishy


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    I’ve heard enough, I’m building this Edit: I forgot this coated $1300

  38. Claude Plays

    Claude Plays

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    Lol he could have built a PC for the amount of money he spent on his keyboard.

    • Claude Plays

      Claude Plays

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      @Ties true but just sayin

    • Ties


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      He already has a pc bro and a pc for that money, won't be good enough for him.

  39. Manny Bandler

    Manny Bandler

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    man got ripped off soo bad. smh, mechmarket scammers are horrible

  40. Im Swift

    Im Swift

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    You have a black wedding ring?

  41. DF_VERSE


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    lol bugz is good at lubing small things

  42. Jenna Tools

    Jenna Tools

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    You did bugz dirty at 2:16

  43. Love Johansson

    Love Johansson

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    The only thing i have loobed is my number 6 key by accident with coca cola.

  44. Abhinav Konakanchi

    Abhinav Konakanchi

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    everyone hopping on the mech trend?

  45. fantomnuke


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    Your gaterons sound very sandy. Did you lube them?

  46. RetroHarden


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    What is your nationality?

  47. 2EZ Flix

    2EZ Flix

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    Sound is decent

  48. kyzo


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    those switches sound scratchy as hell

  49. ajr


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    GroupBuy could have been better. BTW Please Tune them. They can sound Better. Try Holy Mod those Stabs. @TechSource

  50. ZOQ


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    ed lookin like dababy in the thumbnail tho ._.

  51. Marc Vaz

    Marc Vaz

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    I could fall asleep to your keyboard lol

  52. Νικόλας Νοδάρος

    Νικόλας Νοδάρος

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    Im not trying to be disrespectfull but i think this wasnt worth it

  53. JWBB


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    When this guys keyboard costs more than my whole setup..... :(

  54. TheRiceMaker


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    holy crap, the man actually did it, you can never go wrong with a Rama board 😄😄

  55. Titanium Tronic

    Titanium Tronic

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    when this keyboard costs as much as your set up: Wha-

  56. Josh L

    Josh L

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    Imagine spending over a grand on a keyboard ... oh no no no

    • FastLegEnte


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      Heh there are keebs costing 6k and more

  57. Vitaminsforyouu


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    I didn’t realize your Armenian, let’s go 🇦🇲

  58. Aidan Sloan

    Aidan Sloan

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    Bro you gotta make a custom keyboard wars series it would be sick

  59. Taaha Khan

    Taaha Khan

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    OMG I dont know if you remember me but I'm tekkers i tweeted to you asking when you were going to build a new keyboard and I'm so excited its finally happening!

  60. Martin Gomez

    Martin Gomez

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    Pretty dope looking keyboard if I say so myself!!

  61. saudi gta

    saudi gta

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    Welcome to the Dark side where if u buy one custom keyboard you won't be Satisfied with it you will buy another one and another one and another one till you run out of money.

  62. Daniel Butterworth

    Daniel Butterworth

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    Part 2 of the pc desk pls

  63. Lukyx


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    Thats pretty good, but for the price of the keyboard you couldve get way better!

  64. FadeΨ


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    Never thought you’d build keyboard lmao

  65. SG Dumpling

    SG Dumpling

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    lmao so basically building your own custom keyboard is paying people to do everything for you. Man you gotta learn and do these things yourself. But nevertheless decent build.

  66. Everything NFL

    Everything NFL

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    Ed what about setup wars

  67. Destroyers Elite

    Destroyers Elite

    4 ימים לפני

    What editing software do u use

  68. Trex Flax

    Trex Flax

    4 ימים לפני

    You shouldve put an Aluminium Plate or a Polycarbonate Plate, It wouldve given you a way lower, thockier sound. You also shouldve used foam to dampen the sound.

  69. Tan Da Jun

    Tan Da Jun

    4 ימים לפני

    you need to try some japanese keyboard my friend.

  70. Dabi


    4 ימים לפני

    Vak uh



    4 ימים לפני

    It sound incredibly pingy

  72. Paartha Vanamamalai

    Paartha Vanamamalai

    4 ימים לפני

    thocc is insane

  73. Matdraws


    4 ימים לפני

    Why don’t you do another building a subscribers dream set up it was the first video I saw

  74. Zeeshan Misha'il fouzi

    Zeeshan Misha'il fouzi

    4 ימים לפני

    Small and thin objects you did bugz dirty Mann

  75. Jacob Wainwright

    Jacob Wainwright

    5 ימים לפני

    I’ll give you my ps5 if you costomize my setup

  76. Kaiser Kleon

    Kaiser Kleon

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    How you accurately got the WPM to 69 I don't know, but mad respect for the meme.

  77. Katherine Queenan

    Katherine Queenan

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    A keyboard 2 times the price of the pc i can't afford

  78. Mike Sabella

    Mike Sabella

    5 ימים לפני

    ugh i need to find something to do dead waited on the new setup wars for hours lmao

  79. Wild Plays

    Wild Plays

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    Tech source : “I finally built my dream keyboard” Me : My dreams hasn’t still come’d true because I still don’t have a pc.

  80. Itsjuni


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    U should check out itsjerians setup

  81. Slipsp ce

    Slipsp ce

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    I dont understand the kb hobby at all. How is that worth $500 because of a $1 metal plate and some lube? Jack a pcb out of any hotswap board, buy any switches u like cause they're all cheap, make a dampening membrane/gasket for under the plate, and build a wood case with a steel backplate for weight.. like where are the carpenters or car ppl to tell these computer guys they're getting completely ripped off?

    • FastLegEnte


      יום לפני

      That's the point of a hobby. It doesn't have to make sense.

  82. Maximilian Toth

    Maximilian Toth

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    Why spend so much money on a keyboard? So useless

    • FastLegEnte


      יום לפני

      It's called a hobby. It doesn't have to make sense.

  83. Phiz


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    Absolutely more keyboard videos! PS: you won’t be thinking about putting switches into a hot swap board the tedious part for much longer if you really dive into the keyboard rabbit hole. Just wait until you begin frankenswitching, lubing your own switches, and god forbid desoldering lol. Either way it’s great to see larger channels pickup on the hobby

  84. Sebastian Hjellvik

    Sebastian Hjellvik

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    Me: I hope you loobe them switches

  85. PCPandemic


    5 ימים לפני

    hmm dunno, not into custom keyboards, but that doesn't look like $1300 worth of keyboard. most important part is it fits your needs tho ;)

  86. LEON


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    I joined the TechSource discord and it made me realize how fucking *BROKE* I am.

  87. taha rasool

    taha rasool

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    Damn ur typing is sick

  88. Stee ki

    Stee ki

    5 ימים לפני

    Whats the difference between daughter board and mother board

  89. Slaλer


    5 ימים לפני

    For anybody wondering RAMA is currently selling preorders for a budget version of this keyboard on their website right now. Its a great way to get into the hobby without breaking the bank too much.

  90. Qwix


    5 ימים לפני

    rich man

  91. Ayush


    5 ימים לפני

    Plz give me a pc

  92. Slaλer


    5 ימים לפני

    1100 for milk secondhand seems really high.

  93. Pseud Maestro

    Pseud Maestro

    5 ימים לפני

    Well if you go the rabbit hole of accessories then might as well go down the......HEADPHONE Rabbit hole. You got some solid cans but there is always more....more and more

  94. B r o k e n_HQ

    B r o k e n_HQ

    5 ימים לפני

    I wish he could make me a dream gaming setup I play on a trash 50fps for every game I play, one can wish.😐

  95. Ranveer Drayz

    Ranveer Drayz

    5 ימים לפני

    it doesnt sound that great for a 1300$ keyboard but nice works

  96. Killa Keyboards

    Killa Keyboards

    5 ימים לפני

    Theres no such thing as just ONE DREAM KEYBOARD!

  97. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson

    5 ימים לפני

    Don’t say building a custom keyboard when u didn’t actually do the hardest parts. I agree with you that a setup is truely completed with cable management. However it’s still unnecessary. Similarly with building a custom keyboard lubing switches is unnecessary however it’s not truely custom if you send the painstaking work for “your” build to someone else to do it for you. As for people saying that it’s not yours because you didn’t solder it are being unnecessary. Soldering takes equipment that is unnecessary for a one time or two time keyboard builders and without proper expertise you could ruin your board. Plus the hot swap market is so big now it really shouldn’t be an issue. However lubing is something easy to do that shows you put real effort into your build just like cable management shows you put real effort into your pc and your setup.

    • Tenta


      5 ימים לפני

      he doesn't have time to lube the switches and can afford for someone else to do it, so why would he not have someone else do so. just because he didn't lube the switches doesn't mean he didn't build his keyboard. stop being elitist and let people enjoy the hobby

  98. Versie Oleta

    Versie Oleta

    5 ימים לפני

    who else uses their thumb for the space bar? f to anyone who uses their pointer finger

  99. Xavier 57

    Xavier 57

    5 ימים לפני

    Ed gets a 1300 dollar keyboard, me can't even get a pc under 1500dollars

  100. Hugh Fields

    Hugh Fields

    5 ימים לפני

    Nice Ed! I would really love to see you do a mechanical keyboard series in the future. It would be a good addition to your channel, but those are just my thoughts. Very high quality keyboard as well.